TAYRAŞ was established after the Chapter on Environment was opened for Turkey at the 8th Meeting of the European Union Intergovernmental Conference in Brussels on 21 December 2009, for the purpose of developing a project to set up a waste lubricant refinery where used lubricants will be recycled into base oil with advanced technology in compliance with EU acquis and the prototypes in developed countries. In order to achieve this purpose, TAYRAŞ has been working in cooperation with Europe’s biggest refineries with the most advanced technology, processing capacity and extensive collection network in Europe and in the world, since the environment chapter was opened.

In order to achieve the goal of contributing to sustainable use of natural resources by collection, transportation, storage of used oil and regeneration of waste oil as base oil through upcycling, TAYRAŞ adopts the following principles of business ethics: “to act in accordance with legal regulations in all activities, not to harm people and businesses receiving services, to avoid accidents, to prevent pollution, to minimize the environmental effects of waste oils”.


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