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Users by Voluntary a big part of the web site is designed for users who will be able to visit without the notification or personal information. However, some sections of the website is designed in such a way that users can send messages to tayraş. This section of the user name, phone number, address, are required to submit certain information such as your e-mail address.This continuation of all necessary measures for the protection of personally identifiable information collected through the web site is provided. In contrast, personal information protection have attempted to overcome the road and there is no guarantee can be completely protected from the person making the transfer of data via the internet.
Cookies (cookies that) UseCookies, Turkish, such as English or German language options are used in order to remember the customized user preferences. To limit or prevent the use of cookies, referred to the options used by the web browser.
Web Server Logging and IP AddressesWeb site page source addresses that it demands (IP address, domain name, etc.), Pages requested date and time, if any, stores the traces of the data used as the other parameters in the referenced websites and URLs. These data are used in the development of the reportings and websites related to site traffic.
law EnforcementCourt order or other legal / administrative process required by the safety authority or the personally identifiable information by legislation, in the courts or other competent authorities to predict the submission, you may be submitted to the competent authorities of the personal identifying information. TAYRAŞ the fulfillment of these demands will cooperate with the competent authorities in accordance with the administrative and legal process, and to ensure the protection of personally identifiable information regarding the health that demand will take appropriate measures.
Link (Link) with the given Web Site Privacy Statementcould provide useful information website contains links or references to other web sites. TAYRAŞ, link the content of the website or indicated resource is not responsible for and security.
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